Tales Upon the Sword Coast

Leopold's Redoubt

Places and peoples of interest within the town of Leopold’s Redoubt:

The High Rune Inn: This inn is the first section of the Redoubt itself. Three stories tall with each story being made out of some new material. A massive Oak tree seems to sprout right from the ceiling of the establishment and gives cover to the building from the open sky above. The bottom floor is well crafted from riverstone and quarried stone from the nearby mines. The middle section is brick with wooden supports making large V sections. The top floor is nothing but intertwined tree limbs it seems with live growth coming out of it.

The Golden Goose’s Nest: This small shop is almost alive with all sorts of small machine homunculus doing every task thought possible. The wooden roof has many small entryways for the autonomous machniery to go about their business inside or out while the thatching of the building is in a constant state of being repaired or refitted according to whatever homunculus is at the present area. There are many different sounds coming from the open doorway that has a very well carved oak door, mainly musical chords being played from all manners of toy music boxes and small musical instruments.

Hagden’s Fury: This open air shop is definitely dwarven by design. Thick stone pillars that are dwarven people hold the roof of some dense stone or metal that is blackened by the constant stream of smoke billowing from the furnace. The furnace resembles a dwarven man with his mouth roaring out flames. All manner of weapons, armors and metalwork are in display cases, hangars and chests all about the shop while each piece is being watched by the plethora of halfling and gnome merchantmen.



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